About Us

Here at PYE, we have learned that most restaurant owners share a common goal. They want to make food that tastes amazing, and looks good too.

We have also come to find that many restaurants share common struggles like employee turnover, customer service time, food waste, increasing wages, and providing an effortless experience for every customer.

We created PYE for every restaurant owner, designing our company with these common goals and struggles in mind. We alleviate the struggles, creating an effortless customer experience exactly how a restaurant owner would want it done. We keep style at the forefront when designing our food tech. Our self-service solutions are efficient, and we take pride in the technology looking beautiful enough to showcase a restaurants good-looking food.

We have put together a team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the tech and food industry. We have restaurant owners, software engineers, computer nerds, and creative jocks all working together to make amazing products.

Check out our website to see how our self service solutions can improve your restaurant in style.