Meet PYE Starting Lineup

Jegil Dugger

CEO & Co-Founder

Hobbies- Jogging, Golf and Cooking

Favorite foods- There may be too many to list! I am definitely a foodie and I love spicy food! Top of my list are chicken and bar-b-que ribs.

Dream vacation destinations- Any vacation destination for more than one week at a time would be a dream! The top of my list for a vacation destination would be a tour of Italy!

Work expertise- I am a visionary and entrepreneur that will not stop dreaming and thinking of new ideas. I have a great team of others to make my visions come true!

Bryan Cleveland


Hobbies- Traveling and music. I play piano, saxophone, bassoon and sing.

Favorite foods- Steak and seafood

Dream vacation destinations- Any island getaway!

Work expertise- Full Stack software development, JAVA, NET

Erich Silvestre

Chief Architect

Hobbies-Fishing, travelling, history and artwork.

Favorite food- classical - French cousine, breaded shrimp, bacalhau, brazilian bbq , Beef tongue with peas.

Dream vacation destinations- One year vacation tour of downtown and countryside of all continents

Work expertise- desktop, web, cloud, mobile apps, Java, Python, C, kotlin, javascript.

Gurbachan Singh Dogra

Principal Software Engineer

Hobbies- Yoga, adventure, playing chess, gardening and charity

Favorite foods- Every food, low and medium spicy

Dream vacation destinations- Switzerland

Work expertise- Full Stack Software Developer using PHP 8 / MVC Framework, Ajax, Reactjs, Custom Application Development

Jay Prakash


Hobbies- Reading novels, playing chess and playing table tennis

Favorite foods- Spicy food

Dream vacation destinations- Road trip to Venice (which is totally doable from India!)

Work expertise- iOS developments and Android development

Cloe de Haro

UI/UX Designer

Hobbies- Skateboarding and Arts & Crafts in general

Favorite foods- Spaghetti Carbonara

Dream vacation destinations- Summer in Amalfi Coast

Tony Diliberto

Marketing Director

Hobbies- Mountain biking, camping, whitewater kayaking

Favorite foods- Dreamland BBQ ribs

Dream vacation destinations- Destination-Southern Utah for mountain biking

Work expertise- Marketing

Yash Makwana

Research Analysts

Hobbies- Playing soccer and watching anime

Dream vacation destinations- Paris and the Maldives Islands

Work expertise- Machine learning and ETL processing